Next generation Virtual Reality gameplay.

Meaningful Storytelling

Stories are how humans first shaped their world.
Let us share our stories with you.

Tailored Design

Every game we make is customized for the
best possible experience.
Simply choose your platform.

Active Development

If we don’t have fun making games, how can we expect you to have fun playing them?

Social Synergy

An idea thrives by the community it creates.
Reciprocation is key. We value our consumers.

Educational Focus

Learning should happen in the most unlikely of places.




Amnia Interactive is a small independent software studio located in 
beautiful British Columbia, Canada

Currently specializing in Virtual and Augmented Reality development, 
Amnia Interactive strives to create technologically-relevant software that is 
self-aware, artistic, emotional and connected.

Located in the cold north.

(Vancouver, Canada)

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